Comic 220 - "...Girls just want to have fun!"
18th Sep 2017, 5:03 PM
"...Girls just want to have fun!"
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Author Notes:
Guybrush20X6 edit delete
Stage one: Accessorise!

Wow. This originally started out with just 4 hair decs and massively expanded from there. If you can name all the hats involved I'll be really impressed.

Doc, don't you realise when you look mad it just makes you cuter?
User comments:
Iamabrawler edit delete reply
Wow, so many. But hey, 21st time's the charm.
Hat Fan (Guest) edit delete reply
In Order: Lillie, Daisy, May, Layton, NiGHTS, Toadette, Shao Khan, Possibly Touhou?, Marie, Kirby, M.Bison, Beat, Prince from Katamari, ???, ???, Palutena?, Waldo, Batman, Lily, ???, simple red bow.
CidYoshi edit delete reply
The Touhou is Marisa. And apparently that is not Palutena.
bfhbuddy (Guest) edit delete reply
I think the one before the bow is from the military girl in street fighter. I forgot the name of her.
CidYoshi edit delete reply
This project was so much fun. It was a full #TeamVenatusPrime, so we all got to suggest accesories for the Doc. You can specially thank me for the Shao Khan helmet.

Also the last hat is Cammy.

Delicious? OF COURSE!!
Red Feather edit delete reply
Kirlia is so cute. Will she have that design until she becomes a Gardevoir? I hope so.
Red Feather edit delete reply
I just realized, if Roll is a child now, she might accidentally tell somebody about Glasses Gardevoir.
Jeremy71197 (Guest) edit delete reply
..."Seriously" Kirlia is wearing Homestar's buzzer cap. And I had a good laugh when I realized.
Guest522 (Guest) edit delete reply
The oldest meems, only here. In Level 29
Objection (Guest) edit delete reply
OK, now we need a video cycling through all 20 of those hats Kirlia doesn't like set to Eric Prydz's Call On Me.
JokerJay779 (Guest) edit delete reply
Ah the "So Sneaky" hat is Waldo. I looked at that hat and thought Waldo and I went to Google to make sure and sure enough there's Waldo's hat.
CidYoshi edit delete reply
...what Waldo hat? There is a panel with absolutely nobody in it.
That one Voir (Guest) edit delete reply
Hello! I recently (10 seconds ago) binge read all of these comics which I found via the Internet. I'm really enjoying them and I'm glad you guys still make them! I'm following this for sure!
Danny_LOL121 edit delete reply
Huh. What's this for again?
Who cares? (Guest) edit delete reply