Comic 147 - Aardvarking on a New Course
29th Mar 2015, 2:02 PM
Aardvarking on a New Course
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Author Notes:
Dr. Gardevoir edit delete
Dr. Gardevoir
Cerebus Syndrome: While stories tend towards drama over time as the stakes ramp up, Cerebus Syndrome is where a comedy work takes a jarring and often illogical tun towards drama. Usually caused by the creators running out of jokes or desiring to be taken seriously, disregarding the fanbase they built up on the basis of comedy.

I'm glad we nipped that in the bud. I mean why would there even be a trial? Wilco would have come back to life and immediately identified Audio as the killer. And why would Roll only have three days to live? Has no-one heard of rebooting?! And are the Mages even the same species?! And on that topic why would I be with Infernape? We're not in the same egg group and where in Arceus' name would Galade get a-

(Take a deep breath, calm down, change the topic)

I got this drawing of me as a Mermaid by HapyCow. Makes me wish I could swim.

TheMightyBox edit delete

I had never seen this script.
This was certainly unexpected...
DryKirby64 edit delete
I got Terminal Seven, Proto Man!

This is what it looks like, Proto Man!
TheMightyBox edit delete
Everyone always forgets that Val is cross-eyed.

Also hey, I tried out a new shading trick on this comic, tell me what you guys think.
GigaNerd17 edit delete
Oh man, this one was a lot of fun to draw! Hope y'all enjoyed our April Fools strip! ^_^

It was quite a ways past midnight when I got to the last panel, though, so I gave up trying to figure out Valentine's outfit and instead gave her the keyhole turtleneck everyone was fadding over last December.

Panel 4 is a personal callback to a webcomic I was working on 'bout a year ago: Zehn Ausgeburten. (German for "Ten Figments") I did quite a bit of planning and actually made two strips, but it unfortunately never got farther than that. Here's the original scene:


Oh, and the triple-level cel shading is super cool, Box! Keep it up, bro! :D
User comments:
Caio (Guest) edit delete reply
Well Egg Groups mean you can't breed, but it doesn't mean you can't just do it for fun.
Nama edit delete reply
OshaliteX2 edit delete reply
Audino's expression really sells it for me.
Iamabrawler edit delete reply

O.o?? When did this become Level 30 Soap-chiatry???

"We are not naming the kid Gandalf?" "What about Enix?"

(Still got a certain pun coming to my head with panel 5, but I don't know if I should say it... Okay, the wait for a reply is killing me, here it is: A certain Psychic/Fighting Pokémon wants to Gallade.)
Awesome Ando (Guest) edit delete reply
Well.... That certainly escalated quickly...

Next week at MMM, what will become of our heroes? What is actually going on? Why am I suddenly an announcer? These questions and more will be answered next week on Level 30! Stay tuned!
Zanreo edit delete reply
Heh, well this sure was unexpected...
Zorua (Guest) edit delete reply
Heh. Gandalf the Gray. I like it. Funny.
T110181 edit delete reply
i Didn't know Gardevoir had a love life
T110181 edit delete reply
i just checked back
about a few months ago: Holidays! Fun! Wine!
Then, Ahh we find that Mega man was dead! (dramatic music)
Then, Tragedy.
Things escalated quickly.
Hurricane edit delete reply
You know what I said on that heavy metal comic? Well, scratch that! I take it all back! I don't do that romancy stuff!!! (GAAAAAAH! Shipping! It burns!) And you can't kill off Roll... she's been in this comic forever! I assume this is all a joke about what Doc said in the comments about comedy turning into drama... it is a joke, right? RIGHT?!
Hurricane edit delete reply
Also, Audino is very OOC, unless she was always a serial killer...
Iamabrawler edit delete reply
Take note that we are noticeably getting closer to a certain holiday of pranks and tricks.
T110181 edit delete reply
Oh yeah, but this turned dark VERY quickly
Ivresse (Guest) edit delete reply
Would like to point out to Dr Gardevoir that there would still be a trial involved as per legal requirement. Also Phoenix Wright would probably have found out something that would cast doubt on Roger Wilco thinking it was Audio that killed him anyway... :-P