Comic 128 - Malpractice Makes Imperfect: Meet the Quack
21st Sep 2014, 2:04 PM
Malpractice Makes Imperfect: Meet the Quack
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Author Notes:
Guybrush20X6 edit delete
WE'RE BACK! A lot of stuff has happened with Giga starting college and Dry Kirby's tablet giving up the ghost so we slipped on releases. Thanks to all of you who kept hitting F5 hoping we'd return. I love you.

GigaNerd17 edit delete
My deepest apologies to all of y'all, amigos. Never meant to let the comic fall into a three-week dry spell. College is nuts! >_<

But I am proud to announce that after years of working on Level 30 Psychiatry, I've built up enough of a portfolio to get hired by the university paper! I do cartoons as a JOB now, thanks to your continued support! ^_^

Anyways, time for Waifu Wednesday! Waifu Sunday! When GB's script called for Audino to be doing "something else," I naturally thought of a tea party. I was gonna throw in Rachel Alucard, video gaming's queen of the teacup, but we already have two characters from BlazBlue (Arakune and Relius Clover in the first strip of the arc), so I went with her progenitor, Ashley from WarioWare. Prepubescent witch? Abused familiars? Rabbit motifs? Obsessed with biscuits? They're pretty much the same character.

Ashley was one of my first video game crushes, and she still fascinates me to this day. Namely, she's one of the most compelling characters Nintendo has ever produced. Her freaking theme song gives her more character depth than the entirety of Final Fantasy XIII. She's evil but not villainous, grossly powerful but unsure of how to find friendship. She's both adorable and terrifying, and proud of the fact. And she somehow programs video games. Incredible. I need a Super Smash Bros. / Fire Emblem crossover just so I can marry this girl. <3

TheMightyBox edit delete
Ha ha!
Silly, Giga, and his waifus, who even,
who even has those.
*pushes pictures of HW Ruto deeper into pockets*
So ridiculous.
DryKirby64 edit delete
My waifu is Rosalina from Super Mario. Mainly for the same reasons Giga talks about Ashley. The goddamned storybook still haunts me to this day and I can barely bring myself to even walk past the Library in Super Mario Galaxy.

Also she looks nice in Mario Kart.
User comments:
Planetbox (Guest) edit delete reply
The fact that Audino knows what a heart exploding sounds like is rather disturbing.
spycrab king edit delete reply
spycrab king
shes a doctor,in a gaming world,theres probably some obscoure character who's heart explodes
Yonkerbonk (Guest) edit delete reply
Maybe Try surgeon simulator?
I before A except after K (Guest) edit delete reply
The Medic is a Spy!
Cursor90 edit delete reply
Surgeon simulator was two strips ago.
GigaNerd17 edit delete reply
Actually, that was Derek Stiles from Trauma Center, video gaming's first star surgeon.
Iamabrawler edit delete reply
Yeah, Ashley is an awesome character. If I ever were to make a video game webcomic, it would be a sitcom-style WarioWare thing, because a large group of such diversified characters has to result in great comedy, in their interactions alone. Witch, Nintendo geeks, alien, scientists, martial artists, and so on...

As for the comic? It took me a few seconds to realize that guy was probably from Team Fortress. This series is referenced a LOT on LV30Psy.
Darius Drake (Guest) edit delete reply
Having not played any of the Wario Ware games, I didn't know who Ashley is. Having now listened to her theme song, I want to play as her & Red in Smash Brothers.

PS. The way I think it would work is:
Base Character - Ashley is the base character. Red is constantly flying next to her, unless he's transformed.
Basic Attack: Red does all/most of the physical attacks.
B - Red becomes a wand and a spell is cast. It probably looks like a lightening bolt.
SideB - Unknown. I don't know Ashley well enough.
UpB - Red turns into a broom and flies with Ashley on top.
DownB - Unknown. I don't know Ashley well enough.
Final Smash - Angry Ashley (Hair Colour changes and her eyes glow. Attack Power temporarily increased. No other changes).
Redandgreen43 (Guest) edit delete reply
I love how this comic is about the medic, yet almost all the comments are about Ashley. Just throwing that out there.
Guybrush20X6 edit delete reply
Yeah, not a single comment about how lovley Arakune looks in a... Wait the comic's about who now?
ZephyrCrobat edit delete reply
What I want to know is where did the good "doktor's" 'beard' go...

Did it get blasted away by the explosion of Roger's heart?
TheMightyBox edit delete reply
Gardevoir's levitating it in the last panel.
Cause it's a fake.
Elisa Sky (Guest) edit delete reply
It's more than just a fake beard. It's a camera beard. Perfect for infiltrating Canadians luberjacks and taking pictures.
MisterM edit delete reply
Arakune, you look FABULOUS today.
KathiraNarae (Guest) edit delete reply
My plea has been answered. <3 Medic!
GardeBlaze (Guest) edit delete reply
I'm glad to see you back! I was getting worried there, but I understand. Starting college can be rough. Good luck!
GigaNerd17 edit delete reply
Thanks for sticking with us, amigo! We appreciate it. ^_^
AwesomeAndo (Guest) edit delete reply
Glad to see you back! Haha, life happens, so I understand. Love this comic. Good luck with everything guys!
MisterM edit delete reply
Oh yeah, waifus.

Those things.

In terms of video game waifus, I think Ribbon from Kirby 64 may be it for me. While she doesn't have too much of a personality to speak of, she does have one of the cutest character designs EVER. I don't know why, but I've had a crush on her since I got K64 on the Virtual Console. I think my only other VG waifu would probably be Rise Kujikawa from Persona 4. She DEFINATELY has a personality, and I love her shadow. (but, y'know, not in a creepy way) I would love just being friends with her if I couldn't have the chance to date her.
PTpirahna edit delete reply
Which was the previous comic about the medic?
DryKirby64 edit delete reply
IIRC it was comic 6, "Soldiers of Misfortune". It's never explained how he got a straightjacket though.
TheMightyBox edit delete reply
It took him 122 comics to get out.
I'll say that was a lot of chewing.
BlueAnubis (Guest) edit delete reply
I seem to have a horrible curse that makes it so when I discover a comic and like it, it will either die or become ridiculously slow to update.

You may know of some of my previous work, such as VGCats, Goblins, and Jack.

I had thought you might have joined them. ;_; But YAY! You're back! *glee*