Comic 12 - Displays of Infection
11th May 2012, 11:00 PM
Displays of Infection
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Author Notes:
Guybrush20X6 edit delete
We went more than ten strips before killing off a main character, is that a record as far as webcomics go? A lot of blood in today's strip but that's par for the course for Roger Wilco. We debated putting a censor box on the last panel but decided it might make the carnage look worse. But don't worry folks, Roger Wilco will return in... next weeek's strip actually.

By some strange chance we do a Space Quest reference the same week the Two Guys from Andromeda launch their new kickstarter? It's like that time I uploaded a Smash Bros based script to the Brawl in the Family Boards. Do I have powers of future sight or good timing? Anyway if you want to see Wilco (or some new protagonist) get mauled, crushed or melted once again then shut up and give them your money!
And maybe check this one out too. It's a MMORPG with customizable robots what's not to like?

If you want to send Dr. Gardevoir a message, ask her a question or give her support you can send her a Private Message at this link (Comic Fury account required). Just don't tell her I sent ya. Seriously, have you tried duct-taping cracks in the fourth wall? Not fun.

(Can you count how many URLs I've put in this week's rant?)
TheMightyBox edit delete
Fun fact, given the way that the blood splashed in panel 5, I originally wanted to coat the good Doctor in blood, but Guy and Giga both told me that would be unwontedly creepy.
So I just showed you in the comments.
Dr. Gardevoir edit delete
Dr. Gardevoir
In video games death rarely if ever means the end. Usually it means nothing more than to start over. If the source of extra lives were to run out then that would lead to a state known as “game over”. After the VG cataclysm this aspect has carried over into the world of Venatus Prime. The most common source of extra lives are 1-up Mushrooms (Amanita vita) which by no coincidence are the Mushroom Kingdom’s largest export. Through these, fatal injuries are overcome by the user appearing at the point when they last “saved”. The body is still left behind which makes handling them a tricky issue. Roger Wilco’s original world had no extra lives so he’s getting his millage out of them,

Also I received this caricature in my inbox recently.
I understand it was done by mushroomisland but I don’t know who commissioned it. I’m guessing it was Roll but I’ll ask her tomorrow to be sure. After I’ve ordered a new carpet. Bloodstains are the last thing needed to build a relaxed atmosphere.
User comments:
Nap1400 (Guest) edit delete reply
I'm not sure "killing off" and "causing a death that will be rectified in the next strip" are one and the same. You still have a ways to go.

Also, is it weird that I find the witch here cute?
Guybrush20X6 edit delete reply
The Witch here? No. (She even washed the caked on blood off her claws before coming there.)

The Witches in the Left for Dead games? You've got something wrong with you. May wanna get an appointment with Dr. G.
Nap1400 (Guest) edit delete reply
Haven't even played L4D, so my brain probably works just fine. Probably.
Anonymous (Guest) edit delete reply
Man, I HATE zombies! Had a really bad experience with them. Do you know what it's like to have a friend over who starts playing a game where you're shooting zombies and all you can do is watch in horror - when you're a kid in elementary school?! *shudder* I couldn't bear to watch, but I was so frozen with fear that I couldn't look away. I still remember when the main character became a zombie and attacked by barfing up a torrent of blood...
Anonymous (Guest) edit delete reply
Just to clear up any possible confusion about my above comment, that all happened in the past back when when I WAS in elementary school.
Barreytor edit delete reply
A game with...
The main character gets turned into a zombie and kills barfing blood?
Sounds like Metal Slug 3 to me. More exactly the second stage of the game.
Just so you know.

On a completely unrelated note, nice joke. At first I was looking for the "Restore Restart Quit" buttons, but then I bothered to check and those message boxes did not have them, that it's in later games when the buttons are.
Anonymous (Guest) edit delete reply
Yeah, that sounds about right. Almost everybody I've told that story to has told me stuff around the lines of "Oh, you're a total wuss if you think Metal Slug 3 is scary!" Well you know what? I still find that game disturbing just as I did back then. Then again, I'm already not that big of a fan of massive amounts of blood and gore.
Barreytor edit delete reply
Everyone has a game that horribly scarred them when they were little. For you it was Metal Slug 3.

I'm looking at you, fly swatter minigame from Mario Paint and its boss thingy. Hate it. Hate it to death.
Guybrush20X6 edit delete reply
Hey, I've been traumatised by much lesser things. Stupid "don't run the lights ata train crossing" PSAs, stupid "Don't forget to change your fire alarm" PSAs... Wow, do those saftey guys realise how traumatic that stuff is?
Sarcastic Absol (Guest) edit delete reply
Well, if there was a zombie apocalypse,I wpuld hope for the world to stop spinning. I t would throw the zombies off. Along with the rest of humanity.
GigaNerd17 edit delete reply
Mine was the Redeads in Ocarina of Time. Full anecdote is posted in the Link comic. XD
Anonymous (Guest) edit delete reply
I don't think ANYONE likes redeads. They're extremely creepy and incredibly annoying to kill! I've even heard that if you kill a redead, any nearby redeads may possibly eat the corpse.
Peachrocks (Guest) edit delete reply
The funny thing is that Witches are similar to Redeads. If you are quiet enough around them (i.e don't run), they don't actually attack you.
TheMightyBox edit delete reply
Strangely enough, mine was Jumanji.
Seriously, am I the only one freaked out by almost getting killed by various jungle obstacles just for playing a board game?
spycrab king edit delete reply
spycrab king
mine was minecraft when I was 8 :P
god damn endermen
spycrab king edit delete reply
spycrab king
mine was minecraft when I was 8 :P
god damn endermen
Hurricane (Guest) edit delete reply
Endermen are freaking adorable
IanTannerChristensen edit delete reply
I hate having to clean myself up. i'm such a messy person.
GigaNerd17 edit delete reply
omg Ian. ಠ_ಠ
gamerman14 edit delete reply
Poor roger.
Weegee (Guest) edit delete reply
omg, um wow, I might want to be carful about opening doors when playing L4D1 or 2.... 0_0
Anonymous (Guest) edit delete reply
Yeah, if you see a witch, you want to either avoid startling it or kill it ASAP. A single hit from one of those things is INSTAKILL.
MizuNoRyuu edit delete reply
When you guys put it this way about the witch, I now actually feel bad for her. :<
What if a person just wants to give her a hug? She'd just rip em to shreds too... T_T

Anyways, great stuff! Been meaning to make fan art for you guys or something... just been having my own mental issues lately. Maybe I need my own characters to check in with the good doc one day. XD
GigaNerd17 edit delete reply
Thanks, Mizu. I feel for ya. :(
FireEevee (Guest) edit delete reply
Jigglover (Guest) edit delete reply
Personally, I've been scarred by almost every Xbox game I've played. (That is exactly why I'm a nintendo fan... *shudder) But strangely enough, the one that scared me the most was when I first played minecraft. You can see why they're called creepers... I didn't know what it was, I had just finished a mansion, he stood at the door, I wanted to fight him, I opened the door, he blew a giant hole in the glass wall at the front and zombies, skeletons, even cows all swarmed into the building, wrecking it. Thank god for the escape route...
ranger_brianna_new edit delete reply
Just remembered a funny witch story I had--

I've played L4D a grand total of once, at a celebration. The people on my team other than were competent enough to cover for my blunders. I'm bad at FPSs, and I was a newb.

So, I was told when the witch warning was given, "stay away from the witch!"

My first thought, of course, was, "What witch? Where? I see nothing there, I'm more focused on moving through this--"

...And I was dead moments later. :P

But that's not all!
The next time the witch warning came up, I had the BRILLIANT idea of this:

"Well, if the witch is that bad for me to get close to, I'll just kill her before I get close to her!"

...Fortunately, we were playing on easy and I had been at full health, so instead of ending up dead, I only ended up MOSTLY dead. :P
jacobsfam2004 edit delete reply
989 bottles of milk on the wall, 989 bottles of milk, take one down, pass it around, 988 bottles of milk on the wall.