Comic 129 - Malpractice Makes Imperfect: A Simulating Experience
5th Oct 2014, 5:07 PM
Malpractice Makes Imperfect: A Simulating Experience
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Author Notes:
Guybrush20X6 edit delete
Well you all called it and now you can watch the carnage unfold.

A lot of beginnings and ending this week. Let's do the beginnings first. Homestar Runner finally returned with a rap song about Fish-Eye lenses and Smash Bros 3DS is now release internationally.

And to the endings, Brawl in the Family uploaded their last comic and song and this comic is (most probably) FourOfFour's last one. We wish him luck in his future endeavors.

(How's the Madworld-vision comic? We'll keep a copy of it up when the full color is done)

Edit: Ta-da!
GigaNerd17 edit delete
Thanks a bunch, 404. Level 30 Psychiatry would have slipped into limbo if it weren't for you and your generous service. Best of luck, amigo. <:)
DryKirby64 edit delete
Good luck, 404. I'm not really good at final farewells but we'll all miss you. Thanks for sticking around!
TheMightyBox edit delete
I'll be honest, my favorite part of this comic is Valentine's look of absolute horror.
But I messed up the layers, so tributaries of hypertime intersected for a brief but critical moment in history and caused the walls to be white for a bit.

Thanks 404, it was cool working with ya'.
FourOfFour edit delete
Can we just take a moment and admire that Valentine? I don't even really like Valentine, but I'm super proud of how she turned out here. That's probably the single best drawn character I have ever done for this comic. At least, the one that looks most like the character is supposed to. If you remember me for nothing else, remember me for that Valentine.

Conversely, whoever designed Derek Stiles can go step on a Lego. I am INCAPABLE of drawing him right.

Anyways-yes, this is the last comic I'm going to be able to do. I finally got my mission call, so I'm not going to be doing much comic-ing for the next two years. It'll be fun to see where this goes when I get back, though!

I'm glad I could grace this portion of the internet with my shaky lineart, completely inconsistently drawn characters (looking at you, Roger), and chronic lateness! How will you ever survive without me? D:

Anyway, I'll leave the lines to the others now.

Thanks, everyone! It's been super fun!
User comments:
Swagner edit delete reply
Heh, I tried that game for the first time last week, and yeah, altogether too much time was spent improvising with whatever I actually managed to pick up!

And thanks for all the comics, 404! I hope your mission goes well!
Elisa Sky (Guest) edit delete reply
Ironically, one of the cleanest kills I've seen is from Manhunt. Suffocating someone with a plastic bag. It may not be pleasant, but it leaves an intact body with very little blood, if any.
Iamabrawler edit delete reply
...I'm a huge Final Destination fan and yet this page was too much.

I wasn't red-y.

Great work on LV30PSY, 404! Hope to see more art from you someday!
Mokha the Sylveon (Guest) edit delete reply
It appears anyone and everyone who reads this comic cannot help but use terrible puns.
Darius Drake (Guest) edit delete reply
I haven't played Manhunt, but I'm going to 'guess' that (based entirely on how other webcomics have them interact, not the game stories) Bass bothered her until she played with him. Either that, or Rock wanted to see into the mind of the Robot Masters & Bass in a safe way.
Redandgreen43 (Guest) edit delete reply
And this is why I love surgeon simulator. Love how the comic becomes progressively more bloody, too. but, did you know, You can see what Nigel officially looks like? It's animated, but it's the best official representation we got:
TheMightyBox edit delete reply
that video was funny right up until the really creepy buzzkill ending.
My buzz has been absolutely decimated by that ending.
We need to find that ending and try it for homicide or at the very least buzzslaughter.
J (Guest) edit delete reply
I sincerely hope that poor Mr. Wilco is getting hazard pay for this.

Or at least a zipper in his chest to save on future try-outs.
GardeBlaze (Guest) edit delete reply
For the beginnings: I'm enjoying Smash Bros 3DS, and I'm glad to see that Homestar Runner has come back for more then just April Fools Day.

For the endings: It was really sad to see Brawl in the Family go, but at least they ended with one last song like I was hoping. They did that literally too.

As for the comic. Ah Surgeon Simulator. How funny it can be to play and watch this silly little game. I love the others reactions in the comic, and how the room steadily gets covered with more and more blood in each of the panels.
Iamabrawler edit delete reply
What sells it is how bored Wilco looks in the first panel.
Darius Drake (Guest) edit delete reply
He's just died 3 times in the same manner. Of course he's bored by now. Besides, his operator looks pretty bland (faceless) this time.
Yonkerbonk (Guest) edit delete reply
Well we all knew it was coming. At least the first doctor was guilty that he killed the patient. Oh well at least his body is still intact oh wait he managed to destroy that too
MisterM edit delete reply
I think... that Valentine is great. Honestly, I really liked that style. Good job here, ;,()6,)8'opktvctgdxvtyb Error 404: Domain not found
awesomeBJ edit delete reply
How do you do the art
DryKirby64 edit delete reply
To actually create the comic, I use SAI and everyone else uses Photoshop.
Giga and I (and formerly 404) switch off each week for who does the lineart.
When it's done, it's sent to Box, who's colored just about every comic since the sixth.
Once he's done, Guybrush adds dialogue and other text. (Sometimes Box can't finish the colors in time, so Guybrush adds the text directly to the lineart.)
After the dialogue is added the comic is uploaded.

Probably not the most elaborate description but I hope that clears things up.
ComicRobJonathan edit delete reply
I have to say this particular comic was incredibly hilarious. I presumed Surgeon Simulator would make a terrible operating theater experience... might work as a medical drama, though.
SparkTheRotom edit delete reply
That is just hilarious.
Wandering Hero42 (Guest) edit delete reply
I wonder how Dr. Mario got his Medical License back, (Spoiler... He's in SSB4.) Also, are you planning on doing a Psychonaughts crossover?
NiGHTcapD (Guest) edit delete reply
Not the insane dentist. That would end well for no one, least of all his patient...although it would be interesting to see him get his just desserts at the hand of Gardevoir.
KathiraNarae (Guest) edit delete reply
I'm REALLY liking this arc. Have I ever mentioned how much I like Roger abuse?
Sabin-Man (Guest) edit delete reply
This was absolutely hilarous, but you forgot to make jokes about the laser drill thing you get. Or what happens when you accidentally stick one of the needles in your hand...
apstorm (Guest) edit delete reply
I've mainly only watched Markiplier play Surgeon Simulator, so I was hearing his voice with the 'Surgeon' dialog...
MyNameIsNull edit delete reply
The funny thing is, in the 5th strip I couldn't see the hand for a second because it blended in.
Reshiram (Guest) edit delete reply
Umm, doctor you just removed half of this dude's vital organs and we are doing a heart transplant not a full body transplant, also i thing Lifesaver could have done a better job, and Derek can i barrow that trash can it thinking going to to--- *Reshiram used vomit, it was supper effective* *Reshiram fainted*