Comic 138 - HOLIDAY BONUS: Box's take
4th Jan 2015, 6:20 PM
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Author Notes:
Guybrush20X6 edit delete
A while ago I asked box to color in a old comic, assuming he'd go back and do one of the ones that weren't colored at all but instead he chose to do his own take on this one Dry Kirby did. Artists, whatcha gonna do?

Anyway, we'll be back with a brand new comic next week so hold on tight and tell your friends.
TheMightyBox edit delete
It is entirely possible that I'm not as good at backgrounds as DryKirby.
I doubt it.
DryKirby64 edit delete
How did you get the lineart? I thought I merged the lineart and color layers. Either way, this is pretty fantastic, I was pleasantly surprised.

By the way, the blockhead guy. Since nobody guessed, his outfit is based on Gimmick!, an old NES game by Sunsoft. Don't ask why, I don't have any real reason.
TheMightyBox edit delete
I used the Magic Wand to select all the blue, copied it to a new layer and turned it black.

I'm VERY used to having lineart sharing a layer with something I don't want it to.
User comments:
MisterM edit delete reply
Lazy. /shot

In all seriousness though, good show, Box. It definately seems a lot more shaded and realistic.
Iamabrawler edit delete reply
I think I like this one a little better... but that's just my opinion.
PTpirahna edit delete reply
Sorry DryKirby, but I prefer this one.
Terraform Trent (Guest) edit delete reply
I prefer the shading of Box but the detail of DryKirby.
I prefer DryKirby's version, it's much beautiful with the awesome backgrounds.

Sorry, Box...
Darth Cloaked Guy edit delete reply
I think the black lines look much better than the blue, personally.
Invenblocker edit delete reply
So let me get this straight:
Gods have to watch their waistlines too?
DryKirby64 edit delete reply
Probably not, considering one of the gods rules over wine and partying. If anything, I think "fattening" being so insulting is a testament to how fickle and vain the Parthenon is in Venatus.
Luna Protege (Guest) edit delete reply
Watched too much Dragon Ball Kai... Saw this and immediately mistook Kratos' Name to be "Kakarotto".

To be honest, Kratos would make a great Saiyan. The evil kind of Saiyan that is.