Comic 194 - Airman wa shigoto wo yameru: Letting the Air out.
19th Mar 2017, 5:05 PM
Airman wa shigoto wo yameru: Letting the Air out.
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Author Notes:
Guybrush20X6 edit delete
The good thing about having all these comics done before hand is that the webomic gods hatred of me happened all in the background while you fine readers get weekly comic goodness. We's got something big next week so make sure you're here for it.

As Bull as some of the puzzles are, I miss old timey adventure games. There were making a come back but the company behind them, Telltale games, decided that what adventure games needed was't obtuse puzzles, but quick time events and moral decisions that are revealed as meaningless on on the second play though. At least with the old style you could go back and try different failed solutions for an extra joke or two. If hope that Space Quest spiritual successor releases some day soon.
Drackon edit delete
Oh, man. That reminds me of my first time seeing Pallkia in battle. I thought the shiny stuff was a glitch, so I reset the game. If only I knew back then...

Edit: auto correct, why do you torment me so? And why has there not been a comic about such things happening in this world?

Edit2: just realized this was an author comment. Gimme a sec to dk what I meant to do.
MyNameIsNull edit delete
Sorry I've been absent of late, it's been life, again. Within the last two weeks, both me and my little brother were life-threateningly ill, with different stuff. Me twice, actually. That combined with the stress my family life has been putting on me, it has hardly left enough me with enough time to do coloring or lineart. However, I have my laptop back and everyone seems to be okay so you'll be seeing some more of my colors and shading in upcoming comics.

On a less depressing note, Airman is a big jerk. So, good job, Wilco! You did a good job... even if you used GameFAQ's.
User comments:
CidYoshi edit delete reply
So when Roger isnt getting mauled (95% of the time), he IS a badass. We have seen it before. In his short lived Mr. Random Item Guy, and being able to take downl zombies while fully bandaged, with a saw attached to his foot. Or he is looking in gameFAQs.

This arc has been so fun. I kinda wish we could see more of AirMan shenanigans. But I guess all has to end sooner or later.
JokerJay779 (Guest) edit delete reply
Oh wow Roger has finally done something useful for the team. Great job Roger!
Guest522 edit delete reply
My problem with Telltale is that they decided Western Visual Novels (because that is TOTALLY what a Sierra Adventure is) needed was less puzzle and more meaningless flowerpot moral choices.

If I wanted QTEs I'd play Asura's Wrath.
Zerix26 edit delete reply
In response to the alt text, I always thought that the worst thing you could wish upon a man is that they find a Shiny Legendary, but have no Poké Balls to catch it.
Drackon edit delete reply
Oh, man. That reminds me of my first time seeing Palkia in battle. I thought the shiny stuff was a glitch, so I reset the game. If only I knew back then...
CidYoshi edit delete reply
...wait WHAT?!
Drackon edit delete reply
Also worth noting, I had no idea how to get the Master ball, so I ended up killing it. This is why I use GameFAQs now, so I don't repeat THAT atrocity.

EDiT: "not know how to get the Master ball" means, "I didn't even know what that was or if it actually existed in the game." This was my first Pokemon game ever, and I had no one else who had ever played it or watched the show before.
Zerix26 edit delete reply
In response to CidYoshi: yes, you can get shining Legendaries. They are hard to come by, as you would expect, but they happen. They have been distributed as event Pokémon, and I know there was some person with a shiny Cresselia in the Pokémon World Championships a couple years back.

In Response to Drackon: If you think that's embarrassing, try going six months without knowing about the save button! Pokémon Blue was my first real game, and I was about seven when I got it, so nobody really explained the concept of being able to save one's progress... Needless to say, it was a long time before I even made it to Cerulean City...
Drackon edit delete reply
Yup. I had a couple of games like that. I didn't get the concept of saving anytime, since I grew up on passwords and save points, and that's about how long it took me to get to the first gym in Pearl, which was my first Pokemon game, and also my first game without save points or passwords. Then again, "playthrough" would technically mean "getting far enough to see anything above level six," since that's about as far as I ever got before I figured out the save feature. That kind of learning still continues today, where I mess with the game settings to figure them out. I've had some... ENTERTAINING experiences that way...
Annie (Guest) edit delete reply
Wow. Rodger's looking his age in this comic.
Mini_coopa2 edit delete reply
Been a big fan since back in 2014
However ive always thought about late arrival characters/generation up! characters like Megaman X or even Zero, if not X mebbbe Nick (Dead rising) in the X Costume?
been here since...??? (Guest) edit delete reply
i thought wilco wus the guy... never mind.
D-Rex (Guest) edit delete reply
Using GameFAQs to know the future in the Level 30 Psychiatry world sounds problematic. Shouldn't there be strict restrictions on that? On the other hand, it would likely create a lot more patients for Dr. Gardevoir.
Drackon edit delete reply
Yeah, no kidding. Doc, how many more patients would you get from this?
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
This made me laugh so hard
Umbreon-MegaAbsol edit delete reply
Oops lol forgot to sign in. Last comment was me.
Ace_Ice edit delete reply
Hah, loved the instant karma at panel 4 and the accuracy of the last one!