Comic 211 - Fan-Art: CidYoshi & Update
16th Jul 2017, 5:30 PM
Fan-Art: CidYoshi & Update
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Author Notes:
Guybrush20X6 edit delete
Good news, we've got our systems in order so, bar another disaster, comics will start up again next week.

Until then, enjoy this piece done by CidYoshi of Dr Gardevoir cosplaying as Paladin Cecil from Final Fantasy IV (Final Fantasy II SNES, if you're the kind of person who still calls Sonic's villain Robotnik). I think she wears the knight look better than Gallade does. It's actually part one of a larger piece so I'm looking forward to seeing it all done.
User comments:
CidYoshi edit delete reply
Pretty sure I can both draw EBW and do fanart of Lvl 30. Really glad to see this posted, makes me feel appreciated. Hope you guys like it!! The idea is to draw all the main cast cosplaying something from Final Fantasy, either a character or a job class. This includes the already from FF characters. Hope to have it all done eventyally.

GO Team Lvl 30/29!!
D-Rex edit delete reply
It would be fun to see White Mage and Black Mage dress up as other Final Fantasy characters. Do you already have ideas in mind for what characters the cast will dress up as?
CidYoshi edit delete reply
Yes BM and WM will be dressed as other FF classes. And yes I have the idea of who each will be. Is going to be a surprise, although Roll's should be really obvious.
Drackon edit delete reply
I have no idea why, but I cannot fathom what Roll would be. Then again, my memory is shaky at the best of times.
Danny_LOL121 edit delete reply
Very good! Your work is very well polished
CidYoshi edit delete reply
Thqnks a lot!! Funny how is all done on MSPaint lol.
OshaliteX2 edit delete reply
Wow, I really like this art. Great job! Like, really!
CidYoshi edit delete reply
Much appreciated, much appreciated ^^.
Zerix26 edit delete reply
I have a question. Because of this comic, I now want to play a Final Fantasy game so I can see BM and WM in action. However, I am struggling to figure out which games they are included in. Does anyone know what game would be best for me to play if I want to see the Mages?
CidYoshi edit delete reply
The first Final Fantasy had the original pair. However the NES version isnt great for being old. There are the GBA and PS1, PS2 or PS3 (forgot which) remakes that are better. Is an ok game
Or you could play Final Fantasy V on the GBA. They are jobs you can use on the main characters and is also a badass game.
OR you can play Mario Hops 3 on 3 for the ACTUAL BM and WM that appear here on Lvl 30. But is not a Final Fantasy and is a... mixed opinions game.
Cubase (Guest) edit delete reply
This really fits well with how Gardevoir's Japanese name is Sanaito, or Sirknight.
CidYoshi edit delete reply
This is just cosplay though. But yeah, Sirknight.