Comic 230 - Roll's Egg-celent Adventure: Fried and True
7th Dec 2017, 9:17 PM
Roll's Egg-celent Adventure: Fried and True
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Author Notes:
Guybrush20X6 edit delete
Sorry for how late this one was. There's been a lot of stuff happening. But we're going to do two comics this week to make up for it! So stay tuned.

Finally after years lurking in the shadows (and working on his costume) RANDOM OBJECT COLLECTOR MAN, returns to aid us with his knowledge of useless crap and adventure game anti-logic!
(Wind effects provided courtesy of Black Mage the White Mage).

Speaking of stuff happening, there's a lot of Stuff about a certain blue one this week on EBW and here in our world.

Roll seems to get very frustrated when she's not in control of the situation...
User comments:
OshaliteX2 edit delete reply
*aero aero aero*
D-Rex edit delete reply
That bit alone earns a five star rating.
Arial edit delete reply
Well, that must have felt like the longest day of finding trades ever. No wonder she’s so frustrated.

It must have felt like it took weeks...(cough)(cough)(4th Wall)
CidYoshi edit delete reply
Aaah yes. Who is better at understanding trading sub quests than a character who trading is THE quest? Also, is cool to see Wilco back in action after needing a ton of bleach for his brain.

Also... is that Mama going to jump in as well? Things are really happening are they?

And yeah, dont forget to check the dark in EBW.

PS: Aero has never actually being black magic. Keep it a secret.
Guest522 (Guest) edit delete reply
It is now
D-Rex edit delete reply
He's been filling in for White Mage so it makes sense that Aero would be in his job spell list now.
Jeremy (Guest) edit delete reply
Cake, they need a cake! It makes perfect sense!
Red Feather edit delete reply
Wait, ROCM was mentioned a long time ago, and now he's actually here? I like the outfit, I wonder who's under the mask...
MichaelgRook edit delete reply
I would say just bake a cake but that wouldn't be as amusing
Plubbo (Guest) edit delete reply
I take it the "hamster/microwave" bit is a reference to Maniac Mansion?
Guybrush20X6 edit delete reply