Comic 233 - Roll's Egg-celent Adventure: Doesn't have to end on a Yolk
28th Dec 2017, 9:30 PM
Roll's Egg-celent Adventure: Doesn't have to end on a Yolk
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Author Notes:
Guybrush20X6 edit delete
With that, this arc has drawn to a close. And just as I ran out of egg related puns. You can tell this one was meant to go up before the 25th but we'll just attribute that to (web)comic time. I wonder what the record for the biggest disparity between story time and real world time is.

While Kirlia will have to wait a bit for her present, what did you get this holiday? I got a tea infuser and some loose leaf tea to try and get to grips with along with a few games.

Now for an appeal, our main artist Kobayen will be away on a trip for two months so if anyone wants to contribute some guest comics, temporarily contribute your art-ery to our scripts or just make some fan art it would be really appreciated and help the comic stay consistent.
User comments:
CidYoshi edit delete reply
I am sorry to be the dark cloud... or the Grinch... but I will admit I wanna get back to normal here. But I guess I can wait a few weeks. If said weeks are meant in a meta sense that is. Have a nice trip in any case, Kobayen.

I wonder if EBW fanart is acceptable.
Guybrush20X6 edit delete reply
Yep, all things welcomed.

End Boss's World, Level 30 Psychiatry, Level 29 Psychiatry, future spin-offs from you time travellers.
Red Feather edit delete reply
Future spinoffs? Are you hinting something? Cause if you are, I hope it's something about a prequel to this series
CidYoshi edit delete reply
I think he means that if someone here comes from the future, and knows were the comic is going and knows of something special coming, to show us please.
Arial edit delete reply
Now that’s just heartwarming.
MichaelgRook edit delete reply
tfw the creators are so self aware that they figured out your plan months before you came up with it.
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
Beauty in Simplicity, mon ami.
JokerJay779 (Guest) edit delete reply
With that letter either it seems that Kirlia is regressing as well mentally or that she doesn't write in English often.
Code Spark (Guest) edit delete reply
I'm hoping that it's the latter, but given how many notes she takes with patients, it could be a bit of the former.
Guest522 (Guest) edit delete reply
I like to believe she's playing the part of a kid.

Like, she gotta be a kid? Okay. Lets play with dolls and dresses and do this kid thing right.
Red Feather edit delete reply
Kirlia is still a Pokémon. She probably can read and write in pokespeak, but not everyone can. So she probably can't write in English very well
Saurotitan (Guest) edit delete reply
I read the whole comic last night, and the fear of mental degradation for this character has actually caused me to worry. I have spent time actually scared for a character in a webcomic. That's either a bad sign for my mind or a good sign for how well you people make a comic
Red Feather edit delete reply
I like Kirby in the background