Comic 246 - Ghosts of Christmas WAAAAA
9th Apr 2018, 5:03 PM
Ghosts of Christmas WAAAAA
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Author Notes:
Guybrush20X6 edit delete
We're back to in-universe comics! Huzzah!

Games got really greedy last year. Like, 80's movie villain greedy so I'm guessing the Ghosts of Christmas were working overtime. Don't worry, Wario, I'm sure with the new Warioware collection you'll be able to make up for lost avarice.

Since this script was made EA and WB have desperately scrambled to remove lootboxes while Bungie keeps doing crap like throttling and missing the point of feedback so it ended up still being relevant.

(can you name all the ghosts?)
User comments:
Zerix26 edit delete reply
I see Boo, Kerrigan, and Clyde. Not sure who the person in red is.
Lazruth (Guest) edit delete reply
Hisako, from the 2013 reboot/sequel of "Killer Instinct".
Guest522 (Guest) edit delete reply
Kerrigan? No, Kerrigan is a brunette. And has extra arms. And sickly green skin...
Dechaineaux (Guest) edit delete reply
I think it might be Nova, from the cancelled "Starcraft: Ghost"
Danny_LOL121 edit delete reply
Reminds me of the person from "the ring"
Chansey88 (Guest) edit delete reply
Honestly, Pac-Man should be replaced with Clyde in 5mash. He(it?) would work much better.
Danny_LOL121 edit delete reply
Yayyy... Im finally back. Broken arm, flu, etc. Really bad time of year to get all that, as my exams are on. And the only ghosts i know are from pacman.

Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and CLYDE
Red Feather edit delete reply
Finally back to new comics, am I dreaming? In other news, we've had Kirlia for a year now. I'm not sure I want her to evolve anymore...
MichaelgRook edit delete reply
I just played destiny 2 and it took me way too long to figure out tess everis
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
And clyde
TrueEndercrozma edit delete reply
oh yeah Clyde's here too i guess
TrueEndercrozma edit delete reply
oh yeah Clyde's here too i guess