Comic 247 - Roll's Egg-celent Adventure: Cracking Along- in TECHNICOLOR
16th Apr 2018, 7:54 PM
Roll's Egg-celent Adventure: Cracking Along- in TECHNICOLOR
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Author Notes:
Guybrush20X6 edit delete
We're back to comics but we're currently building up a backlog to reduce the chances of delays and shutdowns in the future so enjoy this remastered version of Random Object Collector Man vs The Thing Behind the Oven.

I wonder if Cooking Mama will come to the Nintendo Switch. Hand blenders with HDrumble anyone?
User comments:
Lemonado Girl edit delete reply
Lemonado Girl
If Cooking Mama wants to come to Switch, Switch will need a stylus first.
Renadt (Guest) edit delete reply
Nah. Just use Labo.
MichaelgRook edit delete reply
I thought mama worked as the hospital chef, why does mage need to go BACK to the hospital
D-Rex edit delete reply
I think he's afraid of whatever lives behind the ovens.
D-Rex edit delete reply
Random Object Collector Man actually looks more heroic fighting the oven monster in colour.
VictorJLazarus (Guest) edit delete reply
Indeed he does.
Red Feather edit delete reply
Why is Random Object Collector Man doing Wilco's job? And why is Wilco dressed as ROCM?
mathiau (Guest) edit delete reply
You've already said it^^
Dr Gallade (Guest) edit delete reply
I think that ROCM is doing Wilco's job because he's a hero, and fighting that monster is what a hero would do. As for why Wilco is dressed as ROCM, it's just a really cool costume
JokerJay779 (Guest) edit delete reply
I still don't get why you don't just update the comics you already uploaded of these into the color versions instead of uploading the color versions as separate ones.
Dechaineaux (Guest) edit delete reply
Because there are people who like the uncolored versions.
Guest522 edit delete reply
Wait. People LIKE those???
Leviathon (Guest) edit delete reply
Of course people like those. I like them, but I do prefer the full color ones
Drackon edit delete reply
The worst part for me is that College is taking up enough time that I can't do my job and color....