Comic 258 - Wrapped up with a Bow
2nd Jul 2018, 5:03 PM
Wrapped up with a Bow
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Author Notes:
Guybrush20X6 edit delete
After some recovery, Gardevoir is back. And someone else is too...

We'll be back with characters bearing their souls on the couch to Dr. Gardevoir real soon so look forward to that.

Speaking of portable, the Switch seems to be doing what the Vita tried to do pretty well. Will Sony release a PSP3 to compete or will they stay in their towers, hissing at the mention of cross-play?
User comments:
Arial edit delete reply
The heck is Black Mage doing to that poor man?!?
Guybrush20X6 edit delete reply
Loooooong term call back.

(back to comic 4)
Arial edit delete reply
I only had too look at the title of that one to remember. Wow that’s long ago.
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
I think That's Louis, from Left 4 Dead.
Red Feather edit delete reply
Yes! Even with Doctor Gardevoir back, we still get the adorable Kirlia in our lives! Although I can’t help but wonder why she’s a Kirlia now. My guess is that the reason she even existed in the first place was to help Gardevoir step back and just enjoy her life, and the reason she’s a Kirlia now is to remind Gardevoir to do just that. Or she felt left out
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
I think that glasses gardevoir, or kirilia that is, is gardevoir’s way to think and prowess the things she’s just been through, and to be able to get a solution faster, I talk to myself a lot too, and it really does help me think, now that gardevoir has gone through being a kirilia again, glasses kirilia can now exist because it can help her process and remember her time as a kirilia
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
Crud I ment process not prowess
Dr. Gallade (Guest) edit delete reply
Did Eggman pull another “Tic Tacs are pills”?
yoy56 edit delete reply
The Kirlia form is going to remain in the story!!
Sam (Guest) edit delete reply
*Munches a carrot*

Welcome back doc!
JokerJay779 (Guest) edit delete reply
Luis stop, you are addicted to the painkillers!
Flerg and Spoons (Guest) edit delete reply
Given that this is a world of video games, Santa most likely actually exists. Possibly several of them. (I'm partial to the Santa from Merry Gear Solid, myself.)
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
I’m assuming that within this big universe of all the games, the guys from super Mario RPG exist too, so we should have someone from the hospital try and locate peach from Mario RPG and get her in the hospital too, in fact I don’t think we’ve seen anything from peach this whole series... well Mario RPG’s peach is an amazing healer, let’s see what would happen if we try to get her as a member of the hospital
JL (Guest) edit delete reply
She is a technically powerful healer in all of her appearances, although she rarely gets to show off those abilities except in a few cut-scenes and in one Paper Mario game where she was playable. Frankly one Youtuber (Gaijin Goomba) has done a video showing that she is more likely a Kami rather than a mortal ruler so there is really no way of knowing just how powerful she really is. Besides she's probably too busy running the Mushroom Kingdom to work at a hospital.
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
I figured a lot of what you said (I’m the same guy by the way), and to all the different peachs, I was referring specifically to the one in super Mario RPG, the others like paper peach and stuff would be their own separate universes shown at least by Mario and Luigi paper jam, and with ruling the mushroom kingdom, this is a huge stretch but I’m thinking that while all the characters got transported into this gaming dimention, only one of each place did, so only one mushroom kingdom at most with only one of the at least 3 peaches needed to rule it... so who knows, I don’t make the comic so I don’t know how it works, and I can’t say what they’re going to put in the comic strips.
Sam (Guest) edit delete reply
Where's the new comic?