Comic 266 - Faund Memories
4th Sep 2018, 8:15 PM
Faund Memories
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Author Notes:
Guybrush20X6 edit delete
Spyro Re-ignited Trilogy got delayed until November but we finally got a good look at the stuff from Spyro 2 (Ripto's Rage to most of you, Gateway to Glimmer to me) including Elora who hadn't been seen in anything other than PS1 games. Funny how time changes a lot of things.

Strange to think at the same time she was last seen, Banjo was a Nintendo character, Sega was still in the console market (barely) and Pokemon was apparently a fad that'd blow over soon.
User comments:
Mattt (Guest) edit delete reply
Why is she trying to get into arstotzka?
Antonio Ferrari (Guest) edit delete reply
She's a communist sympathizer, and she's escaping Italian Fascist forces.
CidYoshi edit delete reply
*insert meme of she being a faun, you dork*
Arial edit delete reply
They did.
In the picture’s alt text.
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
When I saw her in the trailer I was like “who the hell is that!” Then I saw a clip of the same piece from the old game and I thought “wait THAT’S what she used to look like!?” I had a lot of confusion that day
Dimitri (Guest) edit delete reply
Entry denied.
Danny_LOL (Guest) edit delete reply
After a long time. Hi guyesssss!
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
Well my good sir, you should be quite proud of the community you’ve built. Not a single person has yet to demand the next comic strip. Although I must say, out of concern, I think this has been the longest I’ve been around without a new strip up, everything going ok? Or am I just overreacting like I always do and the next strip is just taking a while, like size issues from before. Well whatever it is, take your time and so we can be even happier when the next strip comes out!