Comic 277 - In the Nux House
8th Apr 2019, 6:10 PM
In the Nux House
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Author Notes:
Guybrush20X6 edit delete
We're back!

While Kobayen is engaged in a long war of attrition with Window 10 updater, CidYoshi from sister comic End Boss's World is lending his services.

I get the general appeal of Nuzlockes but I can't get over how nutty players who craft intense fallen in battle narratives must look to the game world. It never changed, only how you treat it.
User comments:
Professor Spruce (Guest) edit delete reply
As a fan and player of the occasional Nuzlocke, I can verify this as being 100 billion percent accurate.
KnuckleChuckle618 edit delete reply
The accuracy is disturbing, being a nuzlocke fanatic
Sam (Guest) edit delete reply
I will never do nuzlockes, I hate the concept of Pokémon 'dying' when knocked out.
Dr. Acula (Guest) edit delete reply
I'm not really a fan of the Nuzlocke Challenge, I get what the appeal is but it always felt to me to be kind of counter to the theme of Pokemon: you build up and form bonds with your team, and you can try new battle strategies and take risks ("My HP is low, do I switch out or do I hope my next attack can take him out first?") without any real negative consequences. Nuzlockes err very much on the slow cautious approach.

I think the most entertaining Nuzlocke I ever watched was this one guy who played up the part of a borderline-abusive perfectionist who didn't tolerate failure. His pokemon didn't "die" like in most Nuzlockes, he kicked them off the team for disappointing him.

I guess you could also call the Nerdy Show's "Pokeballs of Steelix" series a Nuzlocke, too.
samusestawesomus (Guest) edit delete reply
My question is, what Trainer would send out a Grass-type against a Fire-type Gym Leader?
Miyto (Guest) edit delete reply
I just like the catch mechanics of nuzlocks, by limiting the pokemon obtained I get a greater feel for them.
Catching all the pokemon just cheapens the individual ones captured to me.
Zerix26 edit delete reply
Is that a new logo I see?