Comic 281 - Near Dead Weight- in TECHNICOLOR
27th May 2019, 5:15 PM
Near Dead Weight- in TECHNICOLOR
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Author Notes:
Guybrush20X6 edit delete
If the games industry can HD remake games with abandon, then surely we can add color to old comics.

I wonder if Bethesda's got some Elder Scrolls 6 stuff to show this year or if their entire show will be trying to spin Fallout 76 as a good game. The squandered all of their good will over the past year so they need to gain some of it back.
User comments:
Victor J Lazarus-056 edit delete reply
Victor J Lazarus-056
Sooo, the only reason Why some of his Consumed Items were talking, was likely because he had collected quite a few Other Video game Items, to use as Alchemy ingredients.

I get a Strong feeling That's the reason he needed his Stomach pumped.

Honestly, though, Bethesda doesn't just need to pull their Shit together, they need to understand what they did wrong, improve Fallout 76 without repeating the stupidity that was put into it, and don't listen to the ones who demand Fallout New Vegas 2 because that shit is just annoying, and unveil a Completed Elder Scrolls 6, because Fallout 76 seemed to fail because it was both Rushed, and they didn't understand what they were doing wrong.
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
Wasn't the the Dragonborn female given the last comic about them?
Victor J Lazarus-056 edit delete reply
Victor J Lazarus-056
Last I checked, that was a Fan-made Comic, not One made by Guybrush and the rest