Comic 287 - Sprite Work 1
2nd Sep 2019, 5:45 PM
Sprite Work 1
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Guybrush20X6 edit delete
Weekly updates! Boom!

This is the sprite sheet I've made up of all the Dr. Gardevoir related sprites. We've got Dr. Gardevoir with and without her hairband, Dr. Kirlia, Dr. Gardevoir with her shield up, Glasses Gardevoir with and without glasses, Dr. Kirlia with bow (WIP) and Glasses Kirlia.

I intend to use custom art in the final version but for now am using the sprites from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon to get started. And it's just as well I did because I keep forgetting how difficult sprite work is. Sure, it's mechanically easier than more analogue styles of art but the amount of trial and error can drive you nuts.

I've had a few tutorials on sprite work principles but if anyone's got one on sprite shading, that would be appreciated.
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Miyto (Guest) edit delete reply
Looks like they just need glasses!