Comic 303 - Gilded Dawn- Not to be Scarfed at.
23rd Mar 2020, 6:01 PM
Gilded Dawn- Not to be Scarfed at.
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Author Notes:
Guybrush20X6 edit delete
This is why Doc had White Mage cover for her when she was a Kirlia. You never know when someone will unleash the GLOMP!

Who's this Pokemon? ...Well I know he's a Pikachu wise-guy. But what is he about...?
User comments:
SomeRando edit delete reply
weaselcheez edit delete reply
PMD is an epic game, honestly, it's the truth
JokerJay779 (Guest) edit delete reply
Man, this makes me want to get that DX remake. I managed to beat Super Mystery Dungeon and Explorers of Darkness and Sky long ago. But when I had Blue Rescue Team I could never beat it.
weaselcheez edit delete reply
It is pure nostalgia and is still really fun, you should get it
Chamomile (Guest) edit delete reply
What is PMD? (Please pardon my ignorance)
weaselcheez edit delete reply
PMD better known as Pokémon Mystery Dungeon is a sort of dungeon crawler game where you play as a pokemon in a world with no humans and such, it's quite fun, and a remake of the OG version came out recently
Chamomile (Guest) edit delete reply
Oh, ok. Thanks
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
I see what you did there.

And it should be "Who's that Pokemon?".
Sam (Guest) edit delete reply
lol That is funny! And Pikachu is always adorable.