Comic 6 - Soldiers of Misfortune
6th Apr 2012, 11:00 PM
Soldiers of Misfortune
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Author Notes:
Guybrush20X6 edit delete
The problem with being a writer is... well I write too much. The first 3 panels were originally just the one.

The font used on today's strip is Komika Display, thanks to OrangeRakoon on the Official Nintendo Magazine boards for the suggestion. What do you think?

Say what you want about Vavle's hat obsession and fear of the number 3 but they do a brilliant job of creating funny characters and leaving room for interpitation. This isn't the last you've heard fro the Team Fortress 2 crew.

And if you're having trouble reading the text, the Soldier is trying to reach Larry's Leisure Suite. (Giga's idea) On that topic if you want Leisure Suit Larry to return to adventuring support the Kickstarter to have the orignial game remade here.
GigaNerd17 edit delete
So the story here is that for the longest time, I thought that Leisure Suit Larry read "Leisure Suite Larry", and consequently thought the game was about hotels. Decided to pay homage to my stupidity through this comic. XD

And for those of you who can't make out the smaller sign, it reads: "Special Service Month!" (a Naruto joke, at least in the subbed version)

Dunno why... but I've always imagined Soldier as being a bit of a pervert. He seems like the kind of guy who was too caught up in the glory days to settle down a family, y'know? All he has left to distract him from his loneliness is constant war and younger women.

...Y'know, this could make for a really terrible fanfiction! ;P

Anyways, Guybrush's original script dictated that this'd be a standard, six-paneled comic featuring three more scenes, but I had to expand the first panel into three due to its length and perversion potential. Now you get one comic for the price of two!

Anyways, due to popular demand, this comic was formulated in a larger resolution than past ones. Do you like the new size? How about the new text formatting? Soldier's awesome tank tread-wheelchair? Leave us a comment! We, the creators, are able to check our site statistics, and the ratio of comments to visitors is a little depressing. We can't improve without feedback, so whether you're a clueless kid or the harshest critic, we'd love to hear from you! :D
TheMightyBox edit delete
Hmm, this one, pretty basic. I probably have the least t say on my contribution to the comics, but I did have the idea to have everything on the character be either red or blue, no matter if in uniform or not. The only exception of course being Scout's hats.
User comments:
gamerman14 edit delete reply
text looks pretty good to me. Nice job.
IanTannerChristensen edit delete reply
Very nice comic as per usual. Keep it up!
MizuNoRyuu edit delete reply
Kind of liked it being only the top three panels (guilty of abusing the rocket/grenade jump in Halo)... But seeing a few characters from TF2, lets me know there's gunna be more issues along the way... Never played the game, but I'm looking forward to seeing what Dr. Gardevoir has to say to the Spy. XDD

Love the new text bubbles, definitely an improvement there. And the thing about what I said for unpolished art? Something sticks out to me about the Soldier. The lines are crisp and solid around him. There's fuzziness in the 2nd panel that I'm not content with (mostly the fact that the Soldier in the foreground is just as blurry as the background... but if the fuzziness is supposed to represent the flashback... although a flashback would be easier read with faded borders or something).

Anyways, still funny overall. XD Keep it up!
GigaNerd17 edit delete reply
Gardevoir: You shove five whole packs of cigarettes into your mouth at a time?
Spy: But of course! That is what all gentlemen do!
Gardevoir: ...Aren't you afraid of cancer?
Spy: Not at all -- I have the Dead Ringer!

[Not an actual script]

Yeah, the blur in the second panel was meant to represent his flashback. Flashbacks will vary in appearance based on the type of experience being recalled. In this case, I figured that an "on-a-whim" decision like Soldier's wouldn't cement itself too heavily in his mind, and as such be remembered as being a little fuzzy.

Thanks for the feedback, Mizu! We appreciate it! :D
MizuNoRyuu edit delete reply
Actually, I was imagining that she'd say something about having a multiple personality disorder/dissatisfied with himself because he disguises himself as the others... XD

Now that you explained the second panel-- LOL. Kids, don't play with rockets while drunk. X3 Still think a faded border/dream-like thing would at least make it read better that it's a flashback, not in present time.

No problem! I just hope none of what I'm saying offends/disheartens you guys from continuing the comics. @_@
GigaNerd17 edit delete reply
Drunk, huh? Never actually thought of that! XD
In fact, I think I like your interpretation better.
Don't worry -- dream-borders are on the way!

I've had the chance to be critiqued by the world's harshest fanfiction reviewer, a temperamental ***** of an art critic, and an entire community of stuck-up bronies who can't accept anything below professional level work. No worries! ;)
Losstride (Guest) edit delete reply
There is a spelling error in the alt-text: "threapist".

I know that The Heavy technically IS a doctor... of Russian literature.
Rey (Guest) edit delete reply
You know, "Meet the Medic" implies that the Medic used to be a legitimate doctor.
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
Does logic from the respective games not work in the comic 'verse? but those hats tho.
jacobsfam2004 edit delete reply
995 bottles of milk on the wall, 995 bottles of milk, take one down, pass it around, 994 bottles of milk on the wall.