Comic 67 - Halo is Other People
9th Jun 2013, 2:09 PM
Halo is Other People
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Author Notes:
Guybrush20X6 edit delete
I wasn't sure which comic to do this week so I asked Giga to pick. And he made one. Nice loophole there.

I've only ever played Halo at freind's houses and stuff like that but the first time I played it could see what it was doing for the FPS genre. Sadly that genre as a whole is a bit over-saturated now. Wonder when 3d platformers are gonna make a return...
GigaNerd17 edit delete
My friend came over and said "Hey, did you know they just announced Halo: Spartan Assault?" He then thought for a bit, and said, "Y'know, you guys have never put Halo in any of your comics."

With a prompt "SQUADALLAH," we were off to put this strip together. XD

I'm not a big fan of FPS's, but Halo's forge mode is really quite a treat. I love making crazy arenas, especially ones that don't quite make sense.

(On a side note, the reason why we've avoided Halo for so long is because their armor is intricate as &&&&, and they don't always look the same if you dumb down the details. Drawing this strip was an enjoyable test of patience.)
TheMightyBox edit delete
I might in fact be a masochist for making all these backgrounds.
And the one thing I thought was going to be hard was actually very easy, I only used like, three colors for the foreground of the second panel.

Personally, I really like how that little whatever it is in the fourth panel came out. The glowy stuff and the transparency and in general it just looked pretty good.

That yellow building in the background is actually I reference to something but I really don't expect anyone to get it sow why am I even telling you?
User comments:
don't piss off the wizard (Guest) edit delete reply
3-d platformers were great i played the ps1 spyro games to death when i was little but the only good one i've seen for 360/ps3 is sly 4 great series but the graphics didn't age well
ranger_brianna_new edit delete reply

You want platformers? Buy a Playstation. Preferably original or PS2. You'll find an occasional one on the PS3--for instance, Ratchet & Clank, made by those who created the original Spyro games, still has some platformer elements--but for the most part, your best bet is PS1 and PS2.
don't piss off the wizard (Guest) edit delete reply
ratchet and clank were great but i'm very disapointed with full frontal assault the future set was good though
Shadow (Guest) edit delete reply
Don't forget Nintendo's plethora of Platformers: Mario Galaxy and Galaxy 2 are both excellent, and Sonic Generations is a good one to get on the PS3 or Xbox 360. Also, Sonic Lost Worlds will be coming out eventually on the Wii U, as well as Super Mario 3D World.
Shadow (Guest) edit delete reply
Uh, "Quick customizing"?
Do you by chance mean "Quit Customizing"?
Guybrush20X6 edit delete reply
That's what I get for editing in a graphics program with no spellcheck. I'll fix it in the color version.
ranger_brianna_new edit delete reply
On that editorial note, "Next time someone ask you" should be "Next time someone asks you".
creepers4ever edit delete reply
thank you
Gustaa edit delete reply
Sandboxes! Sandboxes everywhere!
DarkAura (Guest) edit delete reply
Do you think you guys can make a comic about Gardevoir being Psychic/Fairy (fairy type is confirmed!) type? Or would that be a bit too expected?
GigaNerd17 edit delete reply
We sorta have to, don't we? XD
DryKirby64 edit delete reply

"Ow, my Restore/Restart/Quit!"