Comic 72 - Guest Comic: Dark Aura 2
14th Jul 2013, 4:38 AM
Guest Comic: Dark Aura 2
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Author Notes:
GigaNerd17 edit delete
And here we have another lovely guest comic from our ol' pal Dark Aura! Her work always leaves me grinning. :D

We'll be returning from our vacation next week. Lemme tell ya, it's been refreshing to draw some non-Level 30 stuff, but when it boils down to it, we've still got plenty of humor and worldbuilding that needs to be shared. Can't stay off forever, y'know?

Oh, and big props to the first person to identify that fairly obscure alt text reference.
Guybrush20X6 edit delete
Well I'm halfway through my vacation, done the theme parks the first week and taking it easy the second. Doing fine with one exception: What's a guy gotta do to get some non-streaky bacon around here? Some of us prefer our bacon to not be served in the form of twigs.

Anyway, I'd like to thank Dark Aura and all our fans for covering our butts more times than our underwear.
User comments:
RedLion2000 (Guest) edit delete reply
Arceus Christ, I know this one! (I think.)

Dot Hack, the fountains in the World that ask you if you dropped a Silver Axe or a Golden Axe.

Long-time reader, first-time poster. Just happened to see this first thing in the morning and had to try. You guys do good work, by the way. Keep it going.
GigaNerd17 edit delete reply
Thanks for posting, Red! :D

Dude, you are so close. Think of a different example with a closer tie to the guest comic's content. Kudos for bringing up that obscure .hack reference, though!
DarkAura (Guest) edit delete reply
Yay, it's up!

I really don't like how I did a lot of copying and pasting on panels 2-6, but it's so hard trying to draw something presentable on Paint.

Don't think I have anything else to say~
DarkAura (Guest) edit delete reply
No, wait, there's one other thing. See the book Serena's holding? It actually has words on it, though it's really small. Can you guess what the book is?
GigaNerd17 edit delete reply
It looks fine either way, DA. Great job! ;)

I honestly can't read it. Does it involve mockingbirds or owls?
DarkAura (Guest) edit delete reply
Nope! The words say "The Movie: The Book". It's a fake book based off a fake movie based off a real book. But what book, is the real question.
DarkAura (Guest) edit delete reply
Since I'm pretty impatient, I'll just say what the book in panel one is. It's "One Fish Two Fish: The Movie: The Book".

... Yeah, I don't even know what I was thinking when I picked that.
GigaNerd17 edit delete reply
I think that would be an excellent movie book. The original text never really explained which omnipotent force was counting the fish.
[SUBJECT NAME HERE] (Guest) edit delete reply
DryKirby64 edit delete reply
Well, obviously the alt text is a reference to Animal Crossing. Serena the fountain goddess... 'twas one of the more trial-and-error moments of City Folk.

In other news, I'm going to actually try and actually draw an actual guest comic.
GigaNerd17 edit delete reply
*Ding ding ding!* Nice job, DK! Muffins for everyone!
creepers4ever edit delete reply
so i'm working on a guest comic, but i can't think of what it should have in it, which worries me
Cubase (Guest) edit delete reply
Finessed: In LoZ Oracle of Ages, when you drop a bomb into a certain pool of water, a fairy will ask you if you dropped a golden or silver bomb. Say either and you get knocked down to one heart when you have 6 or 7 in your bar. Tell the truth that it's a regular bomb and you get 30 bombs in your bag!
Arquimaes (Guest) edit delete reply
Even better: she would upgrade your current bombs bag and refill it!