Comic 78 - Ready for Pun, Pun, Pun?
25th Aug 2013, 2:03 PM
Ready for Pun, Pun, Pun?
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Author Notes:
Guybrush20X6 edit delete
To celebrate the PC release of Skullgirls and new character Squiggly, we got another one of the gals on the couch.

Skullgirls is a very interesting series even if you hate fighting game because of the characters and their designs. The design process seems to be they take a common, err... fantasy-related, female archetype (in this case, catgirl) and then add something disturbing to her (dismemberment)to create a contrast. And be the fantasy of a small group that likes that sort of thing.

TheMightyBox gets credit for the idea of this one. I wonder how long the blue couch will last.
TheMightyBox edit delete
Hey guys.
G- Guys, guys.
Guess who wrote this one, guys.

It was me.

Uh, okay, Skullgirls is probably my favorite game ever. The art style is cool looking and unique, the characters are memorable and well developed and not even in the joke sense where some of them have large boobs, the characters are actually really really good, the world is interesting and dark, the stories will make you cry, the gameplay is designed by fighting game fans for fighting game fans, the tutorials are great at helping people who have never played a fighting game understand all the concepts and terms used, even ones not specific to the game itself.
Everything about it is just perfect!

That said, I may have screwed up here, I don't think Fortune can actually detach herself from her waist.

Also I was totally planning a blue couch before Giga said anything he's psychic or something.
GigaNerd17 edit delete
I f&&&in' NAILED that couch!! YEAH~! >B]

Skullgirls really does have an incredible atmosphere. There's a reason why everyone from Alex Ahad to ZONE-SAMA loves this game, after all. That said, I've never actually had the chance to play it -- all my downloadable cash goes towards my 3DS, which I have the opportunity to play more often.

Also, drawing underboobs was surprisingly fun. I should do it more often. LET'S GO, MAKOTO! ;P
FourOfFour edit delete
Peacock's my favorite.
Double and Painwheel together are a close second.
What can I say? I like things that are completely messed up.

Skullgirls is a great game. I can't play it, though, since I suck at fighting games SO MUCH. I bought it on Steam, have a couple hours on the beta, can't do anything right. Sigh...

Also: Giga, you're such a perv. XD
User comments:
creepers4ever edit delete reply
this comic is punny
dzamie edit delete reply
Valentine's victory over Ms. Fortune is a fun line, too. "Looks like curiosity and I have something in common."
My favorite, though, is Peacock's greeting to Valentine, since Peacock's a huge reference to old-style cartoons. "Helloooo, NURSE!"
spycrab king edit delete reply
spycrab king
peacock is best in the universe at everything ever
danielthecreator edit delete reply
Brilliant stuff Giganerd!
avacodo (Guest) edit delete reply
peacock's my fave char too,when skullgirls was free during weekend madness on steam,I beat the game in one sitting as her,she was also my first pick of char