Comic 79 - The Toys of Psychiatry
1st Sep 2013, 4:10 PM
The Toys of Psychiatry
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Author Notes:
Guybrush20X6 edit delete
I wrote this one a while ago but with the WiiU version of Pokemon Rumble just out in the States now seemed as good a time as any.

Here's my review, it's a lot focused than the previous ones, presumably to account for all the pokemon and the Downloadable nature with the arena battles being combined with the world battles from previous ones. It's a lot of fun with friends and figures but can get dull playing solo. Seriously bummed out there's no little Gardevoir figurines for sale in real life.

Oh and it was TheMightyBox's birthday this week.
TheMightyBox edit delete
I got money which was spent on a bunch Japanese ****.
No, I'm joking, I got, uh, Resonance of Fate, ICO & Shadow of the Colossus, SSF4:AE (I only owned the 3DS version before now) and Evil Dead.
And a new tablet but I don't think you can see much of a difference here.

Coloring, right, the letters on the box there are actual Japanese characters straight from Google translate which I drew out. It looks a lot less coherent than it was meant to. I tried out a sort of highlight on the hair though maybe I should have made it thicker around the highlight boxes, who knows.
FourOfFour edit delete
Today's focus: Expressions! I wanted to have interesting faces that showed more than what was in the script. I...still need to work on that.

I couldn't find a picture of Pokemon Rumble Gardevoir, so I guessed. Sorry if it's wrong.

I've always thought that Roll was incredibly cute. I tried to show that here. That needs work too. :'D
Also, I'm not sure if this is out of character for her, I just know that that would be my reaction if I saw a mini version of one of my friends and a tiny couch.
User comments:
Swagner edit delete reply
Haha, that certainly would be a problem, on both ends of the scale... "Me Grok, giant from skyrim, small mans kill my family and cook their toes..."
Altoclarinetist edit delete reply
Ico and Shadow of the Colossus are really worth playing.

Like pwag42, I wonder about the other end of the scale. Do they use a projector and a megaphone?
FourOfFour edit delete reply
Maybe they get the MechWarrior people to build them a giant Gardevoir shaped robot?
DryKirby64 edit delete reply
I definitely like the facial expressions here. The looser style is a nice contrast to Giga's cleaner style, as well. And the script is very clever!

Oh, and I just noticed... Doesn't Gardevoir's palette look a bit like Gallade? Hmm.
TheMightyBox edit delete reply
SPOILERS: There's not actually any meaning to the pallet thing.
I just like darker colors and that was really obvious when I first started.
Elzipper7 (Guest) edit delete reply
Did you forget Olimar's helmet antenna? Sorry, I'm a big Pikmin fan.

Otherwise, pretty much everything about this comic is awesome! I love the idea of Pokemon Rumble action figures. The expressions were good, I can see the effort that was put in to them. Also, Pikmin, so woo!
FourOfFour edit delete reply
Well, derp.
Can't believe I forgot that. I love Pikmin...
knite (Guest) edit delete reply
Aww, it's so cute.
lightofdawn3 (Guest) edit delete reply
I don't normally comment here, but I just have to ask: With Mighty No. 9 announced, what do you think of Roll's spiritual successor Call? Especially since they're hosting a poll for backers to decide her new look?
danielthecreator edit delete reply
Wow the art has really improved from the beginning-and well paced dialogue. Keep up the good work guys!
FourOfFour edit delete reply
Ummm...thanks, but I'm actually a different artist than usually does this comic. XD
Go see the comic before then, you will see how much GB has improved in his art. It's awesome!