Comic 91 - Guest Comic: Victory-Prime
24th Nov 2013, 3:00 PM
Guest Comic: Victory-Prime
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Author Notes:
Guybrush20X6 edit delete
Today's comic comes from Victory-Prime who does Gingerbread Man Chronicles and Victory Adventures.

With Mario 3D World coming out I'm hoping the WiiU takes off a bit. It's cheaper than it's super-duper HD counterparts. In any case it'll be nice to play as Princess Peach in a platformer again. Do you count Super Princess Peach?
GigaNerd17 edit delete
Did you just put Gardevoir on a chair?!

Never thought I'd see the day. ಠ_ಠ
User comments:
Swagner edit delete reply
Good thing she didn't recommend an island vacation, that's failed twice already...
GigaNerd17 edit delete reply
Erm... ^_^;

DryKirby64 edit delete reply
Hey, if you look at it right, Dinosaur Land looks kinda like a mushroom.
TheMightyBox edit delete reply
spycrab king edit delete reply
spycrab king
the cave in the middle was so afraid of bowser it shaped itself in his form in order to play off his ego and be saved from being exploded by his nutty children
BaconFarts (Guest) edit delete reply
twice...only twice...really
TheMegaLucario (Guest) edit delete reply
I don't get it.
GigaNerd17 edit delete reply
Gardevoir thinks she's sending Mario to a peaceful vacation, when in reality she's dooming him to 96 levels of Super Mario World.
Darius Drake (Guest) edit delete reply
Actually, I think that that place is about as big as Mushroom Kingdom. Oh! It might be the Australia of Mario's World (Largest Island, Smallest Continent and a Country all rolled into one).
eevee eating human meat (Guest) edit delete reply
oh my gosh... I think your right, my mind has been blown
Koopario (Guest) edit delete reply
(Laughs hysterically)
Dude! I can't belive that! Does Gardevoir even know her Mario Worlds?
(Continues laughing)
GigaNerd17 edit delete reply
Apparently not! ;D
Ross (Guest) edit delete reply
"It all started when Mario, the Princess and I went to Dinosaur World for a vacation..."
[SUBJECT NAME HERE] (Guest) edit delete reply
Then he took a Blue She'll to the knee.
It's like an Arrow to the Knee, but worse. Much, much worse.
[SUBJECT NAME HERE] (Guest) edit delete reply
F*%#ing Autocarrot.