Comic 97 - Guest Comic: LeRenardRoux
5th Jan 2014, 3:27 PM
Guest Comic: LeRenardRoux
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Author Notes:
GigaNerd17 edit delete
Guybrush is dealing with some nasty university projects right now, so I'll be taking over most of his duties during January. Wish him luck!

Today's guest strip was made by my pal LeRenardRoux. If you're a fan of elves shouting at each other over tables, follow the link at the bottom of the strip for me, 'eh? ;)
User comments:
TheMegaLucario edit delete reply
To quote the great Dr. Gardevoir, "Not. Sense. Make!"
dzamie edit delete reply
I think that's a shout to make your target spew gibberish.
Swagner edit delete reply
I'd hazard a guess that any PC from a bethesda game has anger problems, what with the only available therapy involving a quick-save followed by a brief murder-spree...

(being from a game where the majority of problems can be solved by "shouting" can't help either.)
Iamabrawler edit delete reply
Wow, that Dragonborn really has anger issues... Hm, still better than some Pokémon.

(Two comics still before this comic switches to three digits!!! Two more, 98, 99, and then, 100!)
Rvan (Guest) edit delete reply
Personally, I'm having a tough time believing that those are the Dragonborn's only issues.
You could probably get a lot more jokes out of this one.
spycrab king edit delete reply
spycrab king
is it part of the more shouts pack?
had or suf is the most annoying modded shout ever,but its so fun
shaowdragon (Guest) edit delete reply
"Daedric clipboard of headbashing". Yeah. I think I'd like one too...