Comic 196 - Where on the web is...
1st Apr 2017, 5:00 PM
Where on the web is...
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Author Notes:
Guybrush20X6 edit delete
Gardevoir is yesterday's news. Don't know why they were so popular in the first place but now no-one's doing Gardevoir art. It's the strangest thing... So until we can contrive a reason to make Tsareena the new protagonist, enjoy Level 29 Psychiatry with Dr Kirlia. It'll be like Doogie Howser M.D. or just about any anime ever.

Hey remember back in the 80's when Carmen Sandiego stole the Italian accent and Mario sounded like he was from Brooklyn? Those were weird times.

Oh, and End Boss's World updated so check it out. No Foolin'.
MyNameIsNull edit delete
The doctor's cute now. So small. Say hello to Dr. Kirlia!

Edit: Also, what is it with the different way people spell color and armor and such? Like seriously, nobody's getting the time you wasted on putting in an extra letter.
Prickly_Harpy edit delete
I know I'm supposed to speculate on the nature of this transformation and what happened and how stealing popularity would affect exp levels... but that computer is incredible.
Drackon edit delete
Well, guess she better start killing mooks again. Or at least doing side quests. Let's just hope she avoids the escort and fetch quests
Dr. Gardevoir edit delete
Dr. Gardevoir
I just wanted to browse the internet in peace...
User comments:
Guest522 (Guest) edit delete reply
Its official. The shark has been jumped!

Has anyone ever wondered WHAT Carmen would ever do with an accent?
Drackon edit delete reply
Whole I understand what your saying, Null, I'm an American, and I spell like that. I do it more on paper for some reason, though...
Lemonado Girl edit delete reply
Lemonado Girl
>Tsareena new protagonist
Yes please
CidYoshi edit delete reply
Well, if Tsareena is going to become the new protagonist, and kick the problems out of people, maybe Dr. Gar... err... Dr Kirlia, could begin anew in some other job. I heard farming is paying good lately.

Also, is glasses Doc also a Kirlia now? Or is she unaffected?
Iamabrawler edit delete reply
It's called safe search, Doc. Learn it, and never turn it off, ever.

Also, perhaps you should have leveled up a bit more to make sure this doesn't happen.
Invenblocker edit delete reply
Ah crud. Probably should have seen that coming. Really, Tsareena beats Gardevoir. In every single way I may add. Luckily, we get to spend som time with Kirlia. Such luck, much wow.

For how long will we have to wait for the change? Or are you not going for the long burn? Oh, what will the new title be? Like, something cool, right? Something really cool.
CidYoshi edit delete reply
I respectfully disagree with you. Gardevoir is much more superior in every single way that Tsareena.
Chansey88 (Guest) edit delete reply
Hahaha. Good thing this Kirila is female, otherwise who knows what would happen if the doctor got exposed to a Dawn Stone.
Chansey88 (Guest) edit delete reply
Also, if the new Pokken has Kirlia and Delphox, does that mean Dr. Gardevoir fought in Pokken? And if so, does that mean she used her Mega Stone for Synergy Bursts?
Guybrush20X6 edit delete reply
That's Gardevoir as a whole. Pokken was made out of Fan-favorites, two Pikachu and Namco's OC.
JacktheCat779 (Guest) edit delete reply
Yeah but it's funnier to think it was the Gardevoir. This one to be exact.
Klaus Danks (Guest) edit delete reply
Not trying to be "that guy," but is this permanent or just one big April Fools joke? Either way, I wouldn't object to seeing Tsareena as a recurring character in the comic.
Victor J Lazarus-056 edit delete reply
Victor J Lazarus-056
Tell me this is a one-shot. Would be strange if It's Lvl 30 Psychiatry if Dr Gardevoir is stuck as a Kirlia... Especially since her graduation Picture was of her as a Gardevoir.
Drackon edit delete reply
That picture looks familiar... What is it?
Victor J Lazarus-056 edit delete reply
Victor J Lazarus-056
It's a Blooded Bonebreaker Helmet from the game Blacklight Retribution.
Drackon edit delete reply
Huh. For so.e reason, I was thinking something along the lines of a Cyberman crossed with the Didact from Halo 4.
Victor J Lazarus-056 edit delete reply
Victor J Lazarus-056
That sounds pretty awesome, actually. Unfortunately, it's only a Light Armored helmet, which is a shame.
lunar the umbreon (Guest) edit delete reply
Um,is dr. Gardevoir gonna be normal??
Ross (Guest) edit delete reply
You realise, Dr. G. that you've now opened the floodgates for Kirlia lolita art, don't you?
Guest522 edit delete reply
Oh my sweet summer child...
APStorm (Guest) edit delete reply
Oddly enough, I've lowered my Garde's level during transfer to a new game- doesn't seem to reset evolution... but then that's more due to the editor not changing what she is, just what level she is.

Then again, level and evolution stage aren't forced even in legit situations in-game- just look at low-level Salamences spawning from SOS battles in Sun and Moon.